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Academic Advisory Committee

Chief Advisors:

Mr. R.N.Lahiri Vice Chairman

Dr. Sukumar Roychowdhury Director

Mr. Dipak Kumar Pal Adjunct Prof., EE Dept.

Mr. Rajeeb Chatterjee Adjunct Prof., CSE Dept.

Mr. Chandra Shekar Bhattacharya Adjunct Prof., CE Dept.


Prof. (Dr.) Ankur Ganguly Principal


Mr. Indranil Sengupta Academic Coordinator & HOD – CSE


Dr. Ashok Kumar Naskar HOD & Associate Professor, EE

Mr. Debasish Roy HOD & Assistant Professor, Math

Mr. Shyamal Mukhopadhyay HOD & Assistant Professor, ECE

Dr. Ritabrata Bhowmick TIC & Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Nirmalya Shankar Das TIC & Assistant Professor, Physics

Mr. Debu Mukherjee TIC & Assistant Professor, CE

Mr. Goutam Chandra Karar TIC & Assistant Professor, ME

Ms. Shriya Adhikary TIC & Assistant Professor, Humanities

I. Purpose: The purpose of the Academic Advisory Committee is to provide oversight of all matters relating to the Undergraduate and Diploma educational programs. Committee members shall seek the commitment of faculty and administrators in ensuring that academic priorities are unambiguously stated, appropriately funded, and consistent with the overall educational mission of the Institute.

II. Authority and responsibilities: The Committee’s primary responsibilities are as follows:

a. Monitor the academic and research programs for consistency with the Institute’s mission and strategies and for match with the demographic trends in enrollments, and recommend how they can be modified and/or strengthened.

b. Ensure that the academic budget reflects the Institute’s priorities. To support this effort, the Budget and Finance Committee and the Academic Advisory Committee shall each appoint a member to serve as a liaison to the other committee;

c. Monitor the Institute’s assessment of the effectiveness of all of its academic programs, at both the departmental and program level, whether or not an external evaluation is required for professional accreditation purposes; and

d. Conduct an annual self-evaluation of the performance of the Committee.